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Aditya Manna

Moyna, West Bengal, India
Organization: PRAYAS

I am the founder president of 'PRAYAS' and worked with a wonderful group of volunteers and part time staff to accomplish the many goals our program had. We were able to enhance educational program, awareness program, patient's

My Story

In order to achieve our mission we believe that scientific progress must be complemented by sound public policy and advocacy. 'MAS' and 'PRAYAS' as patient advocacy organizations in local community of India working in all types of cancer including breast cancer. Organization works with our staff, volunteers, grantees, doctors, survivors and friends of communities in rural district of West Bengal, India. Also provide affordable, high quality health and cancer palliative care services. I was and am still thrilled to be part of this dynamic program that educates employees in their workplace about cancers and empowers them to be proactive about their health. This work, and all the work at MAS & PRAYAS, is challenging, but it has great purpose and is incredibly rewarding for me. I'm happy to work for these organizations that helps people cope at a very difficult time in their lives. It is the importance of being able to connect with other people who had had cancer for a new diagnosed. My areas of particular interest include counseling, programming, training, and support services for people with metastatic disease. As a clinical social worker, has been worked more than 15 years in this field, I hope to build a program that meets the unique needs of people with advanced disease

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