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Abigail Johnston

Orlando, FL, USA

After her de novo Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) diagnosis in 2017 at age 38 while tandem breastfeeding her boys, Abigail has made patient advocacy and supporting others in the MBC Community her focus during the hours that her boys are in school

My Story

Closing her busy law practice after learning of the potential life expectancy of someone with this diagnosis has freed Abigail up to participate in legislative advocacy (a particular favorite) with Metavivor and FORCE, to run the mentoring program for MBC patients at Project Life, to hold Legal Clinics regularly for Project Life and the 305PinkPack, to sit on non-profit boards, to fundraise, to moderate the MBC Sunday Series for and chair the MBC Leadership Committee, to blog regularly at, to share information at as a contributor, to worth with Patient Power on educational videos, to share her story widely and to learn as much as possible. Living with MBC is a whole person endeavor and Abigail is committed to doing it as well as possible as well as sharing that experience with others.

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