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We Are We: Together, We Can “Flatten the Curve”

We Are We: Together, We Can "Flatten the Curve"

As the spread of COVID-19 has reached pandemic levels, we have been thinking of one of our core values at Benevity: “We Are We, Not Just Me.” This value is about humility and solving for others’ needs, not just one’s own. It’s about taking responsibility for problems, sharing in success, and recognizing that together, we are better. And we’ve realized that there’s an opportunity for us to use this value to impact not just the culture at Benevity, but the world, and to contribute to “flattening the curve.” COVID-19 has undoubtedly created a challenging and uncertain time for your organization as you begin to understand the impact to upcoming programming and funding. Supporting causes and the social issues facing our broader community is core to Benevity — in fact, they are our reason for being — so we’re reaching out to provide details on actions we think might assist in maintaining support for your organization during this unprecedented event.


Just Announced:  Benevity’s $300,000 Donation Match Campaign

As a company who strives to “walk the talk,” Benevity just launched a public 1:1 matching campaign (up to $300,000) for donations made to your organization through our “We Are We” Giving Portal. This is our way of supporting your cause, increasing your (and your supporters’) impact, and hopefully stemming the spread of the virus that is affecting the world on a scale bigger than we could have imagined.  Share this message through your channels and encourage your supporters to donate to your organization (and let them know their donations will be doubled!)


Need Volunteers? Let Us Tell Our Corporate Community About Your Needs

As many people across the globe are being asked (or told) to stay home, cancel events, and limit their social contact, this will undoubtedly have an impact on your organization, specifically your volunteering efforts. We have heard from a number of our corporate clients and they are keen to continue supporting you, but are seeking virtual or remote volunteering opportunities for their people, allowing them to keep everyone safe while giving their time and talents in support of your cause.  If you have virtual and remote opportunities for volunteers, we encourage you to log into the Benevity Causes Portal and publish them right away. Make sure to add "#remote" to the volunteer opportunity title and description so it can be easily found by our corporate clients. If you are unsure of how to create a volunteer opportunity, check out our FAQ. We will be promoting these opportunities to our clients in the coming days.

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