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In 1992 Dale Eastman, a breast cancer survivor, along with three other survivors gathered around her dining room table to share ideas for making a difference in the lives of others diagnosed with breast cancer. During their respective breast cancer journeys they had discovered that treatment options available in the 1990s had not changed since the 1970s and that many women, after being diagnosed, had only two or three days to make major decisions regarding surgery and treatment. They deemed this totally unacceptable, and thus was born Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF) in 1993. Dale and the other ABCF founders made the identification of the cause, prevention and cure of breast cancer, as well as ensuring quality care for all women, their personal quest and ABCF’s. That quest continues.

Board Members

Our Board

Our Board is comprised of community and national leaders with expertise in a wide range of areas, including advocacy, education, finance, training, medical, and business management.


The Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation Board meets monthly (virtually and /or in-person).

Taking care of the strategic and financial health of the organization on an ongoing basis.

Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see.

Our Mission

To end breast cancer by assisting patients, informing health professionals and policymakers, and expanding knowledge through education and community outreach.

Our Mission

Our Vision

A world free of breast cancer.

Strategies to Advance Our Mission and Achieve Our Vision

ABCF advances its mission and strives to achieve its vision in the following ways:

  • By providing information and lending support to women and men diagnosed with breast cancer and to their families and friends.

  • By raising public awareness about breast cancer through education of the community and breast cancer advocates.

  • By expanding the network of individuals and advocates committed to facilitating advances in early detection, treatment and prevention of disease recurrence and ultimately to finding a means of preventing breast cancer altogether.

  • By advocating at state and federal levels for legislation to support our mission and vision.

  • By promoting access to quality, affordable health care.

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