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Jeri H Francoeur, PhD

Ormond Beach, FL, United States

As an accomplished leader with almost 50 years of experience serving the medical community at the local, state and national level, Jeri Francoeur has been serving the cancer community for almost 25 years. Her mission is to be the source for information from screening to survivorship for those involved as a cancer patient, caretaker, family member or someone who just wants to be involved in improving the access to care, quality of life, research and public policy.

My Story

Jeri's passion for empowering others to have access to information, making informed decisions and to become their own powerful advocate has led her to be one of the "GO TO" people for help across the nation. Not that she has all the answers, but through her connections nationwide, she knows where to go to get them!
With an impressive background and extensive experience in the medical field as a healthcare provider and a two time breast cancer survivor herself, she has built her career on serving others. In addition as a healthcare provider, Jeri has a unique perspective on the challenges faced by providers, patients and their families. She serves on boards and committees of the top cancer centers in the US (Johns Hopkins, MD Anderson, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, Moffitt, UF Heath, to name a few), as well as being the Chair of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Patient Advocate Advisory Board. Jeri is also a Member of the Physical Sciences Oncology Network out of the Office of Advocacy Relations within the National Cancer Institute/National Institute of Health.

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