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Ann Camden

Raleigh, NC, United States
Organization: Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance

At 38, Ann was diagnosed with DCIS. It was stage III and her medical team treated it aggressively and she got on with her life. Six years later, she was diagnosed with metastatic invasive lobular breast cancer. At the time she had no family history, but since then her mother and sister have been diagnosed and they are all negative for genetic mutations.

My Story

For several years after her MBC diagnosis, Ann lived in a happy state of denial and then a chance meeting opened her eyes to all the research and advocacy available and she hasn't stopped searching for more information and using her years of public relations experience to tell the story of cancer patients to impact both research and legislation. She currently serves on the Patient Advocate Advisory Board for the Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance. She assists with the Living Beyond Breast Cancer Helpline when needed and volunteers for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network. In 2022, she was fortunate to attend Project LEAD. Ann enjoys writing and seeks to help others who are diagnosed, or their families, understand cancer diagnosis. She shares her perspective and stories in blog posts and articles for Wildfire Magazine, and other outlets. She also volunteers with the Carolinas Casting for Recovery and co-hosts a weekly Hope at Home virtual group focused on MBC through Inheritance of Hope. Ann and her husband, Jeff, reside in Raleigh, NC and has recently become an empty-nester as her twin daughters just left for college.

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