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Marina Ivanovskaya

Silver Spring, MD, United States
Organization: Metavivor

Marina is a Belarusian-American who was diagnosed with DCIS (Stage 0) in her early 30s and then, almost a year later, with Metastatic Breast Cancer (Stage IV) and is still in treatment.

My Story

It became a life-changing experience for her, but despite lots of lost opportunities, she is an active young woman with a passion for life, learning, and helping others. Marina's goal is to support young breast cancer thrivers; patient-centered, safe, and innovative metastatic breast cancer research. She has attended different scientific conferences and advocacy trainings. Also, she has been an active member of various breast cancer support groups, including non-English speaking. Marina hopes to contribute to a meaningful connection between doctors, researchers, and patients; to facilitate the use of complementary (integrative) medicine in the cancer care arena and access to healthcare. She is interested in technology and data privacy.


Marina has served as a consumer reviewer with the Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Breast Cancer Research Program (BCRP), the Susan G. Komen Research Grant (Advocate in Science), and METAvivor. Also, Marina is involved in legislative advocacy with METAvivor. She is a member of the Johns Hopkins Oncology Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) and the Johns Hopkins Breast Cancer Research Advocacy Program (INSPIRE).


Marina speaks several languages and lives in the Washington DC area, enjoys nature, and traveling.

Her Twitter is @4RiseUp.