Scholarship Requirements & Application


2015 Applicants must meet and agree to the following scholarship qualifications before completing and submitting the Application at the bottom of this page:

Application Requirements:

  • Only applicants who have not received this scholarship within the last 5 years are eligible.
  • Must be at least 1 year out of primary breast cancer treatment.
  • If international advocate, must speak fluent English and must hold a valid passport and necessary visas to travel to and from the U.S.
  • Must have completed NBCC’s Project LEAD Scientific Institute and have scientific knowledge of breast cancer through various programs, including but not limited to AACR Advocate – Science program, the Komen Advocate in Science program, or oncology nurse specialization in a breast cancer patient program.
  • Must be a member of a not-for-profit cancer patient advocacy group that demonstrates a charitable mission, is engaged in patient advocacy activities, and provides programs, services, and support for people with breast cancer.
  • The application must be completed and submitted by September 1, 2015, at 10 PM Central Time.

Acceptance Requirements:

  • Each application will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • All decisions are final.  ABCF will not enter into any discussions regarding its decision.
  • Recipients are responsible for making their own travel and hotel arrangements, either on their own or by using the SABCS services for hotel and travel.
  • Upon formal acceptance of their attendance scholarship, recipients are committed to attend the SABCS.
  • In the event that the recipient is no longer able to attend, they must immeditely inform ABCF.  Attendance scholarships are non-transferable.
  • If an applicant receives travel, hotel, or SABCF/Patient Advocacy Program attendance funding from any other source, they must inform ABCF at the earliest possible opportunity and immediately withdraw their application.

Attendance & Work Requirements:

  • Must attend the entire SABCS conference from December 7 through December 12, 2015, plus the Orientation (Dec. 7), Welcome Dinner (Dec. 7), Project LEAD Advanced Topics (Dec. 8), ABCF/AACR Special Session Breakfast (Dec 9) and all of the Hot Topic Mentor Sessions (Dec. 9,10,11).
  • Must attend the entire Patient Advocacy Program.  Must attend the Hot Topics Mentor Sessions Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and stay for the entire time.
  • Must write a “Hot Topic” report, which will be assigned to you during the conference (due January 5, 2016)

* Scholarships will be awarded in the following amounts to those who meet the qualifications:

  • Texas resident: $1,200
  • US resident: $1,700
  • Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico:  $2,200 US
  • International: $2,700 US

PLEASE NOTE: All scholarships are taxable!

If you meet all of the above qualifications, please CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE YOUR APPLICATION.