Scholarship Requirements & Application

2017 APPLICATIONS WILL CLOSE ON SEPT 1, 2017 at 12:00 midnight Central Time.

2017 applicants must meet and agree to the following scholarship qualifications before completing and submitting the application. These are considered partial scholarships and may not cover your entire trip.

Application Requirements:
  • Only applicants who have not received this scholarship within the past 5 years are eligible.
  • Must be at least 1 year out of primary breast cancer treatment.
  • If an international advocate, must speak fluent English and must hold a valid passport and necessary visas to travel to and from the U.S.
  • Must have completed NBCC’s Project LEAD Scientific Institute or have scientific knowledge of breast cancer through various programs, including but not limited to AACR Science – Survivor program, Research Advocacy Network’s RAN scholarship recipient, or health professional specializing in breast cancer. If none of these apply, you must describe your scientific qualifications in the application.
  • Must be a member of a cancer patient advocacy organization that demonstrates a charitable mission, is engaged in patient advocacy activities, and provides programs, services, and support for people with breast cancer.
  • The application must be completed and submitted by September 1, 2017 at 12:00 midnight Central Time.
Acceptance Requirements:
  • Each application will be assessed on an individual basis.
  • All decisions are final.  ABCF will not enter into any discussions regarding its' decision.
  • Recipients are responsible for their own registration and arranging their travel and hotel reservations, either on their own or by using the SABCS services for hotel and travel.
  • Recipients must agree to all the attendance and work requirements.
  • In the event that the recipient is no longer able to attend, they must immediately inform ABCF.  Attendance scholarships are non-transferable.
Attendance & Work Requirements:
Must attend the entire Alamo Breast Cancer Patient Advocacy Program and the entire San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium from December 4th through December 9th, 2017.
  • Monday December 4th Orientation at 3:30pm and Welcome Dinner at 6:00pm
  • Project LEAD Advanced Topics on December 5
  • ABCF/AACR Special Session (TBA )
  • Must attend the Hot Topics Mentor Sessions Wednesday, Dec. 5th, Thursday, Dec. 6th and Friday, Dec.7th and stay for the entire time
  • Must write a “Hot Topic” report, which will be assigned to you prior to the conference and will be due by January 5, 2018

Selected applicants scholarships will be awarded the following amounts:
  • Texas resident: $1,200
  • U.S. Resident: $1,700
  • Canada, Alaska, Hawaii Puerto Rico: $2,200
  • International $2,700
PLEASE NOTE: All scholarships are taxable in the United States and are listed in U.S. currency.
APPLICATION DEAD LINE IS SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 12:00 midnight Central Time.